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For Education- 

Science is nothing but trained and organized common sense, differing from the latter only as a veteran may differ from a raw recruit: and its methods differ from those of common sense only as far as the guardsman's cut and thrust differ from the manner in which a savage wields his club.                                                                                  - Thomas H. Huxley


If common sense were common, more people would have it.                                                                                                                                      - G Fred Denton


To go sailing without training is to reinvent the science.  We chose training.


Beware anything connected with United States Power Squadron.  Beyond the “basics” their material is dated and flawed.

They are a ship of wannabes that never goes to sea.  Worse yet, a ship that does not float, pomp and circumstance full of holes.


United Sates Power Squadron



The USPS local is Dallas Sail and Power Squadron formally known as Dallas Power Squadron.


American Sailing Association
For shore and on the water based training



Royal Yachting Association



Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories


For Repair & Maintenance

Anker Quality Assurance – Marmaris and Bodrum, Turkey

Their brochure says, “A company by yachtsmen for yachtsmen…”  It’s true.  They seem to handle projects of all sizes, disciplines and shapes.  And they understand schedule.

Anker Marina


For Charter

Blue Cruise - Turkey
Full crewed gulet cruise. See site for cruise plan.

Yacht-Land by Cross Eagle - Greece

Tell Chrissanthi Toubaniari that you are our friend and let her take care of your charter needs in Greece. This is a small company that will meet your bare boat or captained requirements.


A.Korhan Sökmen

We have sailed with Captain Sökmen aboard his catamaran Vega.  Both the man and boat are great.  He provides captained charters in Turkey and the Aegean.  Aboard Vega the smoking lamp is always lit.  For Phyl, this was an advantage; for Fred, a concern.

Korhan Sokmen - Home Page

A Directory of Suppliers

Why they are never there when you need them. 


Yanmar Marine Engines

Best source of information.  More than likely someone else has already asked the question and the “search” will find the answer.  If not, ask it.  Ike Stephenson is a great source of information.


Distributor for Texas




Fisher Panda Parts in Texas



Selden USA Distributor


US Distributor – Bernie Beasley 843.760.6278


Max Prop
How the engine pushes her and she reduces the drag when sailing.


Gouvia, Corfu, Greece

A good marina.  The marina of choice for the winter of 2001 and 2004.



Kos, Greece

A good marina.



Agios Nicolaos on Crete, Greece.
A good marina with a better than reality web site.  Last visited in 2002.


Netsel, Maramris, Turkey -
A model that all other marinas should try to live up to. In 2006, new management broke the model. The large varieties of maintenance suppliers and chandlers have been run off.  The new management now tries to replace them with an urban shopping center.  The docking facilities and toilet / shower block are five star.

The Bar Street discos are still within ear range at 0400.  


Port Goçek
<<sounds like go check>> See Crews Letter 2002 13  to know what other yachtsmen say about this area.



Yat Marine, Marmaris Turkey -
A great marina that just gets better.  Our marina of choice for the winters of 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, and 2007. 

How good is this marina?  One cruiser we know describes this marina, “It is like baklava.  You must taste it to know.”

This marina is very good.

Travel Agents

Trio Tours & Rent a Car

Located in Marmaris, Turkey. Ask for Şenay Özturk. Expect the best.


Kuşadasi Tours

Located in Kuşadasi, Turkey.  These guys are Efes (Ephesus) Specialists.  Ask for Tuğrul or Emre. They will take good care of you.


Emfasis in Travel

Olga is your contact for travel or Yacht Agency on Corfu and in Greece.

Corfu Emfasis in Travel

Travel Guides – Museums, History and Mythology

One of many to Greece


Sadberk Hanim Museum
A very nice private museum in Istanbul.

Virtual Istanbul
Start with the Museums page. This collection of pictures is much better than our photographer is capable of.

Mediterranean Weather

Wind Guru -  A Check  based service for most of the world.   If you know the place, lat and lon, he will predict the weather.




Ship Transport

USS Cole
This ship, victim of a terrorist attack, is lifted out for transport to the US for repairs.  Yachts can be moved in the same way.



Restaurants and Yacht Harbors

There are too many to list here.  Please see:  Restaurants, conveniently near a place to moor and  Yacht Harbors, restaurants that provide a place to moor as part of the food and drink tab. 



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