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2001 A Career Change                  2002 One Left Turn

2003 Sailing Around the World     2004 The Head Rules

2005 To Istanbul                            2006 To Istanbul

2007 Yavaş Yavaş                         2008 Easy As She Goes

2009 Not Yet Determined              2010 North America

2011 Same Old, Same Old             2012 A Lost Year

2013 Dirt Dwellers, All



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2002 One Left Turn

2003 Sailing Around the World

2004 The Head Rules


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23 August 2011

Turks Vote / Americans Complain         Electrolytic Corrosion


 6 June 2011

2009 Race Week The Movie              Safety at Sea

Ditsy Gipsy / Flummoxed Fluxgate    A New Gipsy



Sailing  Vessel Perception


The technology of sailing is ever changing.


The objective remains the same:

to take people (and goods) as safely as possible from one place to another using the wind as the primary source of energy.

Let's go sailing




Dirt Dweller Beware


Turn back dirt dweller.

Sailing is addictive.

Once you know how,

you will want to know more,

to spend more and more

time on the sea.

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The Mediterranean has a magic all its own.

From the ruins of the ancients to the future just ahead.

Warm weather, clear water and the people set the stage.

The local wildlife adds to the ambiance.

We continue to be amused, amazed and generally happy with this cruising life.


The purpose of this site is to include you in what is happening aboard

Sailing Vessel Perception.

Phyl and Fred