Crews Letter #2013 01  March    

What’s Next?

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Good morning Crew,


A year ago this month we swallowed the hook and accepted the return to dirt dwelling.  Phyl’s arthritis had developed into a general deterioration of her spine.  She is able to manage the pain most days and nearly as many nights.  The motion of SV Perception was either a contributor or at least an aggravator of the problem.  We sailed duo most of the time.  The threat of my becoming incapacitated while underway and her being unable to get us docked in a secure port made continuing to cruise unacceptable.


SV Perception is for sale.  She is listed at Anker Brokerage Here 


What’s next is still being defined.  We are trying to get a handle on “What is possible?” and “What do we want?”  Much of the time, it seems like “Death by recliner” may be the best option.


Fred has taken up an old career, instructor for Mathnasium tutoring kids in what else, Math.  

Fred Denton, Zachery Revell mathnasium of north dallas


Zach Revell, a Student at Mathnasium, did this sketch last week.
















Jibe Ho,

Fred & Phyl


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