Crews Letter #2005 03 A Change of Plan

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Once More the Cruise Plan to Istanbul has Crashed on the Reef of Reality


Good Morning Crew:


When we were planning the season, an early start from Corfu could put us in the Northern Sporades in mid June before the Meltemi.Meltemi is a strong, clear air, north wind that can make most of the Aegean difficult at best and dangerous at worst.


The early start didnít happen.First one little delay and then another set us later and later.Fortunately, we do not have any hard commitments and the Ionian Sea is not a bad place.The sailing here is relaxed.There are harbors, tavernas and plenty of historical sites.We have decided to stay based in Corfu and winter here again for 2005.


Prepare to Jibe,

Fred and Phyl

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