Crews Letters 2004

The Head Rules

The most dangerous piece of equipment that you can have on a boat is a calendar.”

“Nearly as dangerous is a budget.”

01     Let's Go Down to the Sea

02     Depth Perception

03     The Aegean and Saronic Seas

04     The Oracle at Delphi

05     The Rio Bridge

06     Foolish Deeds

07     Krka National Park

08     Maximum Beware

09     To Market, To Market, To Buy ? ? ?

10     Pula, Croatia

11     Venezia by Sea

12     Venezia by Sea - Second Edition

13     Algenon Pukesley Revisted

14     After Venezia it is Downhill for the Season

15     Inovations and Other Improvements

16     Defecate Occurs

17-25 A Different Perspective - The Dalmatian Coast

26     Defecate Occurs II